Travelling the World on a Budget

Have you ever dreamed about going on a long voyage around the world, but always feel restricted due to money? Well due to the rise of budget airlines and travel providers, getting around is now affordable for even those on a tight budget.

With that in mind, there are still various things to take into account to ensure your travels stay in that low-cost zone. Because there are pitfalls to avoid that could cause you to pay more than expected. So whether you are going on a cross-country trip or want to explore the globe, read on for some quick tips on how to do so on a budget.

Search around for the best prices

In this day and age, finding the best deal for travelling and accommodation is made easy thanks to the Internet.

In terms of flights, you have the likes of Kayak and Skyscanner that compare airline providers and find the best prices available. If you are flexible with your travel plans, they also give you the opportunity to search for the cheapest dates for flying.

As for hotels, motels and other accommodation options, you will no doubt know about trivago and TripAdvisor – two of the biggest search comparison tools in this particular field. Like the aforementioned flight-related firms in terms of prices, these provide the cheapest places to stay. Although keep in mind, booking accommodation far in advance – rather than leaving it to the last minute – will usually supply the best bang for your buck.

Use your own car

While renting a vehicle is a possibility, using your own car is the more cost-effective option overall. As you will avoid having to buy plane, train and bus tickets, this point is especially beneficial if you’re travelling as a family – where you need to purchase multiple tickets at a time – as opposed to going solo. Other than needing the confidence to tackle foreign roads/routes and requiring parking as part of your accommodation options, there is one major thing to consider: the maintenance of your car.

After all, the last thing you need is for your car to break down in the middle of your journey. Not only is it a stressful and time-consuming experience, but it will most likely incur a sizeable wedge of cash to repair – which goes against the budget philosophy explored in this article! As a result, ensure your vehicle is checked over by a specialist maintenance/repair company like Revolution Automotive before setting off. For example if you own a BMW, use the Revolution Automotive BMW service for that peace of mind during your travels.