Top stocking fillers for kids

You may have splashed out on your kids’ Christmas wish list, but finding those all important stocking fillers can take time, energy and effort. Even if you are on a budget this year, it’s important that your kids have as magical an experience as possible – and remember, no Christmas is complete without having a stocking full of gifts like performance socks, to open and enjoy. You can fill your children’s’ stockings with a mixture of fruit, candies and smaller items such as socks or stationery, but its’ important to include some quirky and unusual items too. So if you are lacking inspiration, then check out these ideas for top stocking fillers that are guaranteed to put a smile on your little ones’ faces. 

Tech for children

This 2017, tech is going to whole new levels. From tablets to fitness trackers and smart phones that can almost replace your laptop, but what does this mean for kids? There’s no reason why you can’t consider adding some fun children’s tech in your kids’ stockings this year, and even better is the fact that gadgets and gizmos are available for all budgets. If you want your children to get active and out and about, consider investing in a kids’ activity and fitness tracker to make exercise and playtime fun. If they really want a pet, but a family member is allergic, consider an iToy – an electronic four-legged friend for your kids to love. Bookworms will love their own Kindle, meaning that they can download and read their favorite literature. 

Essential accessories

Accessories are a great way to put your children some cute and fashionable pieces to add some color and sparkle to their wardrobe. Companies such as Nickis stock a range of options and outfits for your little darlings. Ear warmers, scarves and sweaters are ideal for the cold winter months. While some glitzy sunglasses or a swimsuit will be a great gift if you are planning a holiday away somewhere warm and sunny. Giving your kids a present that they can wear and use will make them feel especially stylish, loved and festive this Christmas period. 

Old-fashioned fun

Once you’ve filled up your kids’ stockings with tech gifts and some luxurious accessories, then why not consider adding a few last little items for some old-fashioned fun. From puzzle books to a pack of playing cards or even Uno, your kids will love sharing and spending time with you while playing games during the Christmas period if they can’t go outdoors. If you want to make your kids’ stockings seriously old-fashioned then you could even add in a clementine or orange and explain its significance to them. Finally, some candy canes or chocolates, but not too many so that it spoils their appetites, are a great way to finish off any child’s stocking.

Creating and making a stocking for your kids is an essential part of any child’s Christmas. So make sure that you get organized and plan those stocking fillers carefully. There is a range of options available for all budgets and ages, so you don’t need to spend a fortune. Once you’ve filled their stockings, you can be sure you will be met with smiles on Christmas day.