How To Take Care Of Your Skin During Pregnancy

This is the time you should cherish yourself, not just for that second little heart beating inside you but also for yourself.

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Enjoy the best time of your life because this is one of the best experiences of womanhood. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its ups and downs. Dwelling in the shadows, there are some irritating factors of pregnancy.

But, if something gets too irritating, you shouldn’t leave it in the shadows, especially when it comes to the skin conditions, which can get worse as you approach your third trimester.

If you are reading through this excerpt to get help for your skin conditions through the journey of pregnancy, then you have reached the right place. In this article below, we will be talking about all that you can do to take care of your skin during pregnancy.


A wholehearted congratulations from our end!

What Happens To Your Skin When Pregnant

Here are some of the common issues which you might face as your pregnancy progresses. This is why you need separate skin care for pregnancy.

1. Pigmentation

Dark pigmentation on the face and body are common pregnancy skin conditions. Your skin can darken slightly, and at the same time, the freckles, scars, and birthmarks might also darken.

2. Breakouts

The increase in progesterone level can increase the chance of adult acne. The amount of oil accumulation might also increase, which leads to constant breakouts.

3. Sensitive Skin 

When pregnant, it is not just the sensitive mood swings that you have to be bothered about; it can be your skin as well. Some doctors say that even the most normal products which you have used before can start irritating your skin.

4. Dark Patches On Skin

Some women can develop the condition of melasma during pregnancy. This can lead to dark patches on the face and body. This hyperpigmentation can put a damper on your pregnancy delights. Read more to find a solution.

How To Take Care

Here is how you can take care of your skin when pregnant.

1. Use The Right Acne Products

Acne can be an issue that you are dealing with when pregnancy ensues. However, treating acne can be a risky process. In short, you are not allowed to use any and every ingredient.

For example, when it comes to acne, you cannot use products that have retinol in them. It can be lethal for the fetus, so it is better to use natural tea tree, lavender, or simple salicylic acid to treat acne.

2. Use Sunscreen All The Time

We can’t stress this pointer enough, but your already skin-induced pigmentation can get worse if you are outside in the sun barefaced. Plus, sunscreen is not something pregnancy skin care centric but ensures that you are using products that will suit your pregnancy-sensitive skin.

3. Use Moisturizing Soap

Rather than regular soap, try to use a moisturizing soap. Your body tends to get very dry when you are pregnant, and using a moisturizing soap will help you retain the natural oil on your body even after the shower.

Try to use more body butter rather than water-based moisturizing soap, as it may dry out your skin.

4. Mild Products

Use mild soap and shampoo and not something with overpowering chemicals or paraben. If you are making a switch to any beauty or skincare product, always check with the ingredients and consult a dermatologist before using them.

Ensuring that the ingredients are fetus friendly is important.

5. Stay Hydrated

Just the products might help. You need to be hydrated from the inside. You are not just carrying the weight of a baby, but you are also ensuring the nutrient count of both bodies. This is even essential for lactating mothers to stay hydrated.

You need to flush out the buildup of toxins from your body, toxins that might induce skin conditions even after pregnancy.

Take Care & Cherish!

Do not wait for the skin conditions to get worse with time. Try to consult a doctor as soon as your skin starts getting too irritated or you are unable to understand the reason behind the constant breakout.

Do not wait to take care of yourself in this sensitive and crucial time!