Kitchen Companion – The Ultimate list of What You Need in Your Kitchen

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A builder is nothing without his tools, and the same goes for cooking. To simply and efficiently prepare delicious, home-cooked meals, you need to invest in the right cookware. By adequately equipping your kitchen properly, you’ll be able to whip up meal after meal with increasing ease. Here are seven items without which  no budding chef should be.


This is one of the most crucial and frequently used items in the kitchen. A proper set of knives can achieve a wide range of cooking functions. By cutting your own produce and meats, you can save significant costs by avoiding the pricier, precut and prepared alternatives. It is critical to always use the appropriate knife for the job and ensure you keep them well sharpened. This will keep you safe from knife related injuries.

Cutting Board

Cutting boards are used almost every time you cook, so it is imperative to find one you love and that you can clean easily. Most boards are made of plastic or wood. Wood intrinsically has an antiseptic element to it, which means it naturally fights microbes. However, plastic can take more punishment and cleaned in the dishwasher, which makes them more convenient. Ultimately, it comes down to your preference, but you’ll need a durable surface on which to cut your ingredients.

Cast Iron Skillet

This could be the heaviest pan in your kitchen, and for a good reason. These skillets will last you a lifetime. Cast iron is naturally nonstick and easy to clean once you learn the routine. They are also extremely versatile and can do everything from cooking vegetables or eggs to creating the sear on the perfect steak. They are definitely worth the workout you’ll get by handling these substantial skillets.

Can Opener

This one may seem trivial, but can you imagine trying to open a can without a can opener like in olden times? Whether you select a handheld or electric, being able to open cans easily can invite a wide assortment of non-perishable foods to stock your pantry. Making a casserole? Throw in some canned corn. Burritos tonight? Prise open a can of black beans and save you the trouble of the required overnight soak. You definitely want to have a can opener easily accessible in your kitchen.


You may think that a colander’s sole purpose is for draining pasta, which it does very well, but this bowl with holes can also be used to rinse vegetables and rice or keep other food from racing down the sink. Ok, it may not be too exciting, but it definitely comes in handy for those pasta nights.


Next on the list is an old SpongeBob favorite. This scraping tool is used to lift foods from the pot or pan without crumbling or destroying the item. Until you’ve perfected the art of pancake tossing in the air, a spatula is going to be your best friend for flipping and frying. If you have opted for cookware with nonstick Teflon, be sure to use plastic or silicone spatulas to avoid scratching your pans and reducing their lifespan.


Granted, knives can do the job of most kitchen cutlery, but the convenience of kitchen shears is just too good to leave off the list. You can cut everything from herbs to pizza with these scissors, turning mundane chopping tasks into an arts and craft project.

With these essentials in your kitchen, you can take on a host of recipes that can feed even a large family. Whether you are a novice in an apron or an experienced chef, be sure to keep these items on hand for your next kitchen creation.