Let Her Choose Her Clothes: How to Help Your Daughter Develop Her Own Sense of Style

What your daughter wears doesn’t have to cause a fight day after day. There are strategies that you can take as a parent to let her choose her clothes within some parameters that you set. You’ll want to let her develop her own style, within reason.

Instead of letting what your children are wearing become a constant point of contention, use these tips to make sure that your daughter (and your son, if that’s an issue too!) can express herself through her style without making you crazy.

Don’t Make a Big Deal About Her Clothes 

The bigger the deal you make, the more your child will probably want to go against your wishes. If your children are wearing mismatched clothes, as much as it might kill you, bite your tongue and let it go.

Instead of fighting about what to wear to school today, let your children pick their clothes. Provide reasonable choices and let them put an outfit together. Let them show their personality through their fashion choices.

Don’t Go Overboard with Rules 

Putting too many restrictions on your daughter will make it less likely that she will follow them. Be reasonable and set some general parameters, but don’t go crazy. More rules will likely make her want to rebel against them or resent you.

Don’t Expect Your Teen to Dress Like You 

If you’re constantly fighting with your teen about her clothes, you need to take a step back and remember when you were her age. If you expect that she will emulate your style or want to shop at the same stores, you will likely be disappointed.

Juniors departments and stores exist for a reason. Don’t expect someone half your age to dress like you.

Do Give Options

Kids want to exert some independence. Most everything about their life is dictated by parents, including bedtimes, what’s for dinner, and what they’re allowed to do. Choosing clothes is one way they can show their style and make their own choices.

Give your child options when getting dressed. Present them with two or three shirt and bottom options and let them pick. You can also buy coordinated tops and bottoms that they can easily mix and match without your help.

Do Set Some Parameters

If your daughter loves to wear sweatpants or loungewear to school, but you insist that she needs to wear jeans or more structured pants, consider letting her wear comfortable clothes one day a week.

If you want her to dress up for certain occasions, like church on Sunday, give her free reign the rest of the week. If she has the ability to pick her own clothes most days, it will be easier to get her to follow your rules to dress up on Sunday without a huge fight.

Do Pick Your Battles 

Girls clothes don’t have to be all pink or cutesy. Bright primary colors, classic styles, and timeless looks that both you and your daughter will like are out there. Find these clothes, buy them for her (with her input), and let her dress herself.

There are far more important lessons to teach your daughter than constantly harping on her clothing. Pick your battles and avoid this one.

Take a Step Back and Let Her Choose Her Clothes 

It will be hard, but let her choose her clothes. Give your daughter some autonomy to make her own choices and develop her own style.

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