Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe Welcomes All of Its Buds to Americas’ First Cannabis Restaurant


Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, the first cannabis restaurant and lounge in the US, is opening October 1, 2019, in West Hollywood. Four years in the envisioning and cultivation stage, the vision behind the cafe was the desire to create a space for people to enjoy cannabis in an environment of comfort, beauty, and community. For those wondering if a cannabis restaurant and lounge is legal, let us exhale a resounding sigh of relief. Not only is it legal, but Lowell Cafe attained its final approval in a unanimous vote by the West Hollywood Business License Commission.

Lowell Cafe Serves Smoking Great Cuisine!

Whether you are cannabis curious and want to open up to the experience or a grand gourmand and marijuana know-it-all, Lowell Cafe is designed to be a warm and welcoming environment, an oasis of culture, conversation, Epicurean delights, social activism, and high-quality marijuana advocacy from cannabis to cuisine. Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe has three main public spaces: the Lowell Cafe, a garden, and an indoor lounge, so you’re sure to find the place that fits and feels just right.

Lowell Cafe welcomes you with a menu that’s been curated to enhance, enliven, and elevate food-based bliss. Created under the auspices of Chef Andrea Drummer (https://kitchentoke.com), the menu is designed to celebrate the cannabis experience. Let’s get this one thing straight (and only this one thing!), while the cuisine and libations aren’t cannabis-infused, the food, atmosphere, and the sensitive service are meant to aid you in having a unique dining experience. Chef Drummer’s menu is based upon ingredients lovingly found in local farmers markets, and Cafe Lowell is inspired and influenced by the sustainable and organic agricultural practices of Lowell Farms. Still intrigued with cannabis-infused cuisine? Purchase and enjoy edibles in the outdoor garden or the lounge.

A Dab, A Dab Will Do Ya!

Relax, revive, and revel in the garden, where cannabis edibles, smoking cannabis, and vaping are part of the beauty of the scenery in this outdoor oasis. Or explore the indoor lounge, where you can savor the joys of cannabis smoking, vaping, and edible consumption. Neophytes, acolytes, and aficionados alike will be pleased by the hospitality and pedagogy of ‘Flower Hosts’ and budtenders. Your personal Sherpa on your curated flower tour, these guides will get you where you want to go. While those who Rastafarians and Willie Nelson pay homage to, and who Jimi Hendrix was perhaps thinking of when he asked in that husky voice, “Are you experienced?” might find the Dab Bar an intriguing hangout.

The Buzz

Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe is open and here for you from 10 am to 2 am every day. Yeah, 9:50 pm is ‘Last Call’ for falling in love and committing to a marijuana purchase, but the good times of conversation, conviviality, and culture continue in Lowell Cafe until 2 am. You know the drill; bring a current government-issued ID. Whether you’re interested in cuisine, entertainment, social ambiance, or the deep delights of smoking/vaping, all peeps 21 and up are welcome. Reservations go online at 10 am. and can be made up to 30 days in advance. While not strictly necessary, they are recommended. Cash is required for all cannabis purchases. Lowell Cafe accepts debit and credit cards for food and libations. Scored food and drink while also smoking/vaping? There will simply be two separate checks at the end of your service.

Put This in Your Pipe and Smoke It

Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe, of course, has the natural, high-quality, and organic products from Lowell Farms that will light up your life. Picture pre-packaged edibles, concentrates and extracts, cannabis flowers, and vapes. To whet your appetite for the exceptional goods available, from cold-pressed cannabis oil to all-natural CBD smokes, from pre-rollies to apparel, come visit the Lowell Farm website at https://www.lowellfarms.com/.