Motherhood is exciting when bingo is your companion!

Motherhood is fun when you know how to balance well between the joys and throes! Nobody said that the endless journey of parenting is easy! But yes the pain is definitely worth taking when you get to see your child performing well because of your proper care and upbringing.

Being a mom to a two year old son and a working woman, I confess that life really seems to be quite tough when you have to responsibly carry out so many roles together. But what keeps me going is following a healthy routine that has a perfect mix of both work and enjoyment!

Everyday, I get up early and my morning starts with some physical exercises and a walk in a nearby park. Then I come back and relax myself over two hot cups of coffee while playing my favourite bingo games for some time without which my day actually never begins!

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After spending an entertaining hour son bingo, I make some healthy breakfast for my family especially my little one to provide him the right nutrition and the nanny takes care of the other meals.

Then I get ready to go to my workplace and the next nine hours are spent on my office work. Meeting deadlines at the workplace is not at an easy job and never fails to give me a jitter of nerves.

Still my work related or motherly worries go miles away from my mind in minutes when I play or spend time with my kid in my free time. That is what I do without fail after I am done with my regular chores.

Other thing that completely rejuvenates me is once again my beloved games of bingo which I play before I hit the bed at night also. The enlivening chit chat sessions with my online friends surely end up in giving me a sound and peaceful sleep every night!