Nursing Qualities You’ve Learned as a Mom


For many moms, working hard in their career and providing for their family is something that is very important to them. But, returning to school can be a very daunting thought, especially when you are a mother. However, earning a college degree can be one of the best ways to improve your employment prospects, earn more money, and even change your career path completely. If you are considering going back to college to study for a degree, why not choose a field of study in an area you are already well skilled in: caring for others. As a mom, you will have learned many skills and qualities that can be easily transferred into a nursing career.

Good Communication

As a mom, you will have looked after your little ones since before they could talk and tell you what’s wrong. You know that good communication isn’t just being able to talk to people; it’s also about being able to read others and pick up on non-verbal cues, something that moms and dads do on a daily basis. As a nurse, this skill will definitely help you to build good relationships with both those that you care for and the people that you work with, helping you to offer your best support to patients and be a good team player.

Planning and Time Management

Nurses have a lot of different things to deal with on any given shift, therefore good time management and planning skills are essential. For moms, it’s also important to be able to plan your time around working, looking after little ones, and everything else that you are committed to. As a nurse, being used to planning, not only your time but your kids’ time as well, can help you to be more structured and productive during the working day. It can also be very beneficial if you choose to qualify through an online nursing program, such as the course available from Arizona State University.

Critical Thinking

As a mom, thinking critically in order to remain calm even when under pressure is essential. Any mom knows that getting worked up and panicky will only cause their little ones to get worried as well, worsening the situation. Working as a nurse means that you will often be confronted with emergency situations or crises where you will need to be able to stay calm and think on your feet. As a mom, you have probably already done this a few times, for example if your child has ever been injured.

Supervisory Skills

Moms often make great senior nurses due to their ability to always stay on top of what’s going on. As a mom, you have to be vigilant at all times, especially when your little one is a toddler and likes to explore. In a hospital setting, this extra vigilance and awareness that you learn from looking after your child can make you a better nurse.

As a mom, you have already learned a lot of skills which will make you a great nurse. An online accelerated nursing program can help you get started down this career path.