Relax And Re-Energize On A Weekend Getaway



Have you started thinking that you could do with an early getaway this year, perhaps something to just recharge your batteries a bit without going too far or spending too much? A weekend away is often the cure for those late winter blues when it seems spring just won’t come and you have to keep slaving away day in, day out while dreaming of far flung places with rich white sands and more. Sound familiar? Check out these top suggestions for short weekend or long weekend breaks that are the perfect options for those looking to relax a while.

City Breaks

With so many options for city breaks out there these days, these are one of the best ways to get away for a few days to unwind, relax and see somewhere new and exciting while you’re at it. Depending where you live you can score some great deals both locally, nationally and internationally. After all, who says you need to fly across the world to have a long weekend city break? Often times just driving a couple towns over to somewhere picturesque or interesting can be all the city break you need! Pamper yourself with a great stay in a posh hotel to boot. Perfect! Great options for city breaks include London, Bath, Bristol, Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Berlin, Rome and other major European cities. The ideal distance for a city break is one that you can reach from your departure airport in less than around 3 hours in order to maximise the time in the destination.

Last Minute Dot Com

Don’t care where you go or even really when you go? Check out websites like for great deals on flights, hotels and package holidays that will take you to great locations like the Mediterranean, Spain, France, Germany and more. What better way to get away for a few days than to book it last minute and get a steal of a deal? Part of the fun is too that you don’t know where you might jet off to with, so it’s kind of a surprise too! Awesome, right?

Spa Hotels In The Countryside

One of the best ways to unwind and relax without having to leave the country is to head off to a local or nearby spa hotel for a weekend or so. You can stay in a spa hotel and be right there in the front row for all their great treatments and offerings while being able to just pop from room to spa to pool and back. This is a great option for women who are looking for a great couples or women’s only weekend away to get pampered and treated like royalty. Men can enjoy spa getaways as well and let’s face facts – everyone can benefit from a good hard massage once in a while!

So if you’re looking to get away for a few days but aren’t sure where to go or what to do, consider one of these great suggestions. There are literally so many things to do for long weekends or just weekends themselves that don’t involve breaking the bank, so what will you choose?