Secrets for Dressing a Curvy Body

Fashion has come a long way since the times of anorexically skinny models, as ladies such as Ashley Graham have proudly joined many a catwalk, proving once again that beauty has no size. If you have a little extra on the hips, around the waist, or anywhere for that matter, you most certainly don’t have to resort to limited choices or black-only outfits for your preferred style. On the contrary, the world of fashion has delivered an entire rainbow of exciting, sleek and stunning options you can choose from to add variety to your wardrobe.

However, if you’re not certain which pieces would suit you, how to mix and match them and what certain fashion faux pas could be, let’s dive in and cover the basics of styling your curvy body. Rest assured, you’ll have fun, but you’ll also finally have a chance to give your look a makeover for a much more diverse and personalized style!

Find your favorite tailor

Hand-made and tailored clothes have always been and will always be in style for a slew of reasons, but when it comes to curvy gals, it comes particularly handy to have a tailor on speed-dial. Why? Because sometimes, store-bought will provide a range of sizes, and yet, none of them will fit your particular curves. The waist may be too tight, the shoulders too sloppy, the length all wrong, and if you want to go a size up or down, you’ll encounter the same issues.

A tailored ensemble, whether it’s a fitting dress or a suit, can bring out all of your lovely features while making you feel perfectly comfortable: not too tight, nor too loose. Another perk of tailoring your own clothes is having an entirely unique outfit every time, not off the rack!

Wear fitted, not too tight

While oversized is definitely not the best option for every garment for curvy women, it can be tricky to strike the perfect balance between following your silhouette and being too tight anywhere on your body. You can play with different cuts, textures and layers, but make sure that you don’t feel constricted at any point. Whether you’re wearing a simple plain T-shirt or a fancy dress, make sure to find a fit that flatters your body shape.

You should be able to move with ease, stay comfy all day long and still look smashingly beautiful no matter what you choose to wear!

Choose supportive undergarments

The same principle of fitted applies to your lingerie, ladies! There’s no reason to exclude “sexy” from the equation, so long as you find the right fit and the right support for your lovely cleavage. A selection of supportive j cup bras in a range of seductive and neutral tones can give you the perfect level of confidence as well as comfort.

These bras come with some extra thickness in their straps for better hold, while you’ll find lace and satin to ensure femininity and a sleek look no matter the occasion. Opt for bras that give you a seamless look so that you never worry if anything shows underneath your silky blouse or your cotton tee.

Skinny jeans instead of tights

In the wake of athleisure, many women, no matter their shape or size have started wearing tights as well as somewhat transparent leggings instead of pants or jeans. Of course, you should have your own arsenal of tights, but it’s wise to pair them with tunics and button-downs that give you some cover. There are classier ways to flaunt your figure than to flash your fabulous curves through the thin fabric in broad daylight, right? This applies to ladies of all shapes and sizes, though!

For example: skinny jeans! These stretchy, versatile pants are a timeless piece that every lady should own. And they make for a wonderful tights-swap for those days when you’re in the mood for a crop top or a regular tee. Not to mention that they work wonderfully with heels as well as sneakers.

Play with wrap-arounds

Curves can be made even more beautiful than they are with the help of the right wrap dress. Add a lovely cut, tie your dress around your waist, and you’ll have a stunning, textured look that perfectly fits your physique while it also lets you breathe.

Cross-body dresses are another excellent example of how you can bring out your hourglass figure or bring focus to your waist. In case most of your weight is focused in the midsection, adding something around your shoulders can bring balance to your outfit, for instance, with a stylish jacket to go with your wrap dress!

As fashion becomes more diversified and curve-friendly every day, you’ll see stores filled with all kinds of options that will flatter your figure and contribute to your style. Use these tips as your own guiding stars in discovering the finest ways to look and feel your absolute best, no matter the occasion, all the while enjoying your curves!