Stand Out With A Custom Virtual Background With Your Company Logo

When virtual meeting organizers do not make an effort to stand out, video conferences can blur together without leaving a lasting impression on participants. Displaying a high-resolution company logo on the background of your choice is one of the most effective virtual meeting branding & customization strategies. Learn how to stand out with a virtual background that includes an eye-catching logo.

Different Backgrounds

Start by selecting a virtual office background that corresponds to the culture of your business or the purpose of a meeting. Consider virtual background color schemes, and look for a design that will complement your business logo. Most virtual office backgrounds have designated space to display a logo image. Upload a high-resolution file with a transparent background to customize a virtual background.

You can create a virtual background to use on all calls and meetings or upgrade to a package of 24 premium backgrounds and change your surroundings whenever you want a new way to stand out. You may also prefer to use different backgrounds for various types of meetings or meetings on different platforms, such as professional Teams backgrounds, Zoom backgrounds or backgrounds for other services. 

Backgrounds for Your Whole Team

While you might start with a free watermarked virtual background, the best Teams virtual backgrounds do not have watermarks. You can buy user licenses to gain access to premium virtual offices. Licensing can be a worthwhile investment for hybrid and remote teams, as every member can appear in an equally polished and professional looking environment and avoid the hassle of staging real locations for video calls and virtual meetings.

Based on your approach to branding, you may prefer that every member of a team use an identical virtual background with the same logo or give team members the freedom to use their favorite backgrounds and provide a high-resolution logo file. By having teams display a logo, you can maintain a cohesive brand image even when team members are permitted to use their preferred custom backgrounds. 

Logos for Custom Virtual Backgrounds

You can add your logo branding to almost any virtual office background. Upload a graphic of your logo that has a transparent background. Using a high-resolution logo image file without an opaque background makes it possible to display a realistic-looking logo in the designated space on any background. 

Free backgrounds support logo display, but also display a watermark. By upgrading to premium offices, you can remove the watermark and ensure that meeting participants will focus entirely on your choice of a custom logo. No matter which background design you select, support for adding a logo adds a custom touch to make every representative of your company look more professional and unify teams. 

Many virtual background designs include space for displaying a company logo. Uploading a high-resolution logo graphic is the best way to customize the background of your choice. A professional background and company logo provide a consistently professional way for you and the members of your team to look professional and stand out in virtual meetings.