The Best Type Of Vehicle To Travel In

Travel is on everyone’s minds lately.  This deep-seated urge to go as far away from home as you can until you miss it enough to come back.  Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to travel and get away from home.  The only problem that arises is how to pick which one?  

Here’s a list of the top vehicles to travel in and some notes on where you’d go with them.

By Car

This mode of transit is by far the most common type of travel you can do.  Most people vacation and trip relatively close to home, which means they don’t have to go far away.  The good thing about traveling by car is it’s incredibly inexpensive, which means while you’re checking out St Albert real estate, you’re also ensuring you’re not pouring cash into a plane ticket.  Traveling by car also means you can go on your schedule, and stop and sightsee anywhere along the way.  You absolutely can’t do that on a plane.

By Bus

Travel by bus has been picking up in popularity again.  This mode of transit is more expensive, time-consuming, and less safe than travel by car.  The only time this should be taken instead of driving is if you either don’t own a car or can’t drive that far and can’t afford a plane ticket.  It’s important to consider how much time you’re giving yourself to travel and if the tradeoff of not working for that day or two is worth it.  Buses are fantastic, less expensive than planes, and offer a chance to travel without driving- but they have a lot of cons.

By Plane

Plane travel is the kind most people think of when they’re considering a vacation.  This type of travel is a very high-speed option, but it can also be more expensive, and if you’re immunocompromised, there’s a higher risk of coming home with some bug.  If you’re traveling with many things, going by plane can rack up an even higher price since you’ll have to deal with luggage fees and overweight fees for large luggage.

By Boat

Traveling by boat isn’t as common as it used to be, but it’s still an option many take on.  Whether you’re ferrying from Victoria BC, to Seattle WA, or on a cruise from Alaska to Mexico, this is a prolonged mode of transit that’s more about the trip than the destination.  It can be expensive, but it’s also more fun and has views that are far more rewarding.

Other Options

There are, of course, tons of ways you can travel besides these main four.  Some travel on their motorcycles from state to state in America, while others take up riding on trains where they’re available.  These are less common but still available in some areas.  When traveling, you need to balance the amount of time you have, the amount of money you have, and the distance you need to cover.  If you can’t afford one mode of transit but are willing to give up time for a lower price point, don’t be afraid to try the bus or a train!  They’re great conversation starters, and you’ll still end up at your destination.