The Easiest Ways for Children to Learn Year 3 Maths

Maths is not an easy subject, at least for many children. However, it is a fundamental subject that shapes future careers, so all children should understand maths at every level. Apart from learning in class, they should do so thorough revision even when at home.

Year 3 maths introduces fractions, angles, charts, and many other concepts that need a strategic learning approach. Both teachers and parents should encourage the year 3 children to learn through any possible means such as the ones we will discuss here.

Learning Through Textbooks

Approved textbooks are commonly used in school by teachers to teach maths. They cover all topics for maths year 3 where the teacher introduces the topic and then assigns questions in the textbook.

You can introduce children to other year 3 maths textbooks that are in line with the current curriculum so that they can do detailed revisions. One drawback of using textbooks at home is that they don’t come with solutions or answers, so parents have to go through all of the questions to ensure that the children are learning.

Learn Year 3 Maths Through Online Tutorials

Children are very visual learners, and video tutorials will go a long way in helping them to revise. They may not give assignments and a lot of questions to attempt, but they show all the steps of solving various year 3 maths questions.

There are also various programs that show age 7 pupils doing various year 3 maths challenges, and this will help your child to learn. Such programs can be shown to children both in school and at home. It is a great learning strategy.

Learning Year 3 Maths Through Worksheets

Maths worksheets are becoming one of the most popular revision materials today. They are easy to access, and most importantly, they come with answers. If you want your child to revise effectively at home, just browse the web to access reliable downloadable and printable maths worksheets for year 3.

Some websites offer free materials, but the most important thing to check is that they cover all of the maths in year 3 and provide answers to their questions.

Learn Through Real Life

There are many year 3 maths topics and concepts that apply in real life such as shapes and geometry, fractions, angles, and more. So, children can learn some of these concepts firsthand, which will help them to learn faster.

Teachers and parents should challenge the children to identify various shapes and angles, do some fractions, and touch on other topics that apply in real life. The best thing is that maths are all around us and there is always something to learn from.


Learning year 3 maths is very easy, especially when children follow the insights we’ve shared above. Parents and teachers should always guide the young ones in identifying the right learning resources and strategies. Now that you have gone through the insights, it is time to help your child to learn and set a strong foundation. The maths for year 3 should not be a challenge to any child with the right strategies and encouragement.