The email service from Telstra Bigpond is not functioning how to solve it

Bigpond email is a service that is tailored to your needs:

Bigpond Email is a service provided by Telstra Telecommunications, which is headquartered in Australia. It has been requested by customers who have provided useful input on their Bigpond email login services that the email services be enhanced to include more features and better functions.

Telstra has been quite aggressive in implementing more complex services as a result of the input it has received from its long-standing customers.

It now offers additional storage capacity, spam-related security measures, and improved interoperability across a wider range of devices typically used by people in Australia, among other improvements.

What should you do if your Telstra Bigpond account isn’t operating properly in Microsoft Outlook:

When you wake up one morning and discover that your Bigpond account is not functioning in your Outlook, it may be annoying. However, Telstra has developed an excellent troubleshooting tool to assist customers. This will allow you to resolve your Outlook issues with your Bigpond account. We will, however, always provide instructions on how to do the task manually.

Remember the following facts when using Outlook: your account type is IMAP, and the incoming IMAP server’s address is Imap.outlookcom com when using Outlook, and your account type is IMAP when using Outlook, and you are using Outlook when you are using Outlook. It is necessary to test the IMAP account configuration using your POP account if the IMAP account configuration does not operate properly.

  • Then go to the website.
  • By signing in, you may access your Bigpond email.
  • The Settings Cog may be found in the blue stripe on the right side of the screen
  • You must choose that option.
  • Select selections from the drop-down menu under the heading “Managing your accounts.”
  • You must now choose the option “link your devices and apps with POP” from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you’ll have the opportunity to activate your POP and save it.

Because various settings are shown on the Bigpond page, you may experiment with the following setup for Bigpond in Outlook:

  • POP is the kind of account.
  • The following IMAP server is receiving connections:
  • Incoming IMAP mail is received on port 995, but you may also use port 993.
  • SMTP server for outgoing mail:
  • Outgoing SMTP Port: 587 or 25, 465 with TLS or SSL depending on the encryption used by your email application.
  • SSL is used for incoming traffic: on (required)
  • SSL is used for outgoing communications: on (required)
  • Outgoing server authentication is required (SMTP)
  • Similar to an incoming mail server in terms of authentication

If you are still having trouble getting your Bigpond email to function after following the procedures outlined above, getting in contact with the Bigpond tech support staff will assist you in getting things resolved.

What is the best way to update the password on my Bigpond Telstra email address?

Whether you want to change your password for security reasons or because you lost your password and want to reset it, the techniques outlined here will come in helpful for your password resetting requirements.

  • It would be beneficial if you have your username and birthday handy when attempting to reset your password.
  • You’ll also need to make sure that your modem’s reset password is up to current.
  • If you are using an email software other than Telstra’s, such as Outlook, you will need to update your password on that program as well.

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You will now learn how to recover a lost Bigpond email password with the aid of the Marketplace application:

  • Now go to the main page to get started.
  • Login by selecting it from the drop-down menu
  • Then select the “Forgot password” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the email address that you use to log into Marketplace.
  • To send an email, click on the “Send an email” button.
  • You will now get an email with a link to the suggested email address.
  • You will be presented with the opportunity to reset your password in a new window that will appear in your browser.
  • With the aid of this link, you will be able to successfully reset your password.
  • After you have successfully changed your password, you will get a confirmation email from the Telstra app store team confirming your action.
  • When your password change is successful, you will get an email notification.