A child’s birthday party is a time for friends and family to catch up and celebrate an important milestone.  Often when planning a party, we look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Almost immediately we get wrapped up in the bells and whistles — and the stress begins.  We focus on the invitations, decorations and entertainment, and less on what makes a kid’s party magical.  After creating over 3,000 children’s parties, founders of BLUEPRINT, Monique Banks and Ariel Banks Baker, know that creating a memorable day is about the thought, energy, and feelings of inclusivity that make the difference for both the birthday child and the guests.

A New Way of Planning A Party

It’s important to note the different mindset that goes into planning a party.  For so many parents, planning a party is about executing a theme perfectly so that each Instagram post is the envy of their followers.  Games focus on one winner while other kids sit on the sidelines because they lost.  Sadly, it’s the birthday child that is often the most unhappy on what should be the happiest day ever.

Monique and Ariel are on a mission to change that way of thinking.  After planning over 3,000 kids’ parties, they have created a DIY plan that helps parents focus on what is important, including everything that their child loves from games and candy, to music and themes.  The BLUEPRINT message is that parents need to set their own budget and can create a fantastic party with a bit of guidance.  The best parties focus on high energy games that are inclusive, music that their child loves, a theme that is fun but does not require a lot of supplies, and have a bit of participation from the adults.  Based on experience, Monique and Ariel recall that the parents often can’t resist participating in the fun!

With BLUEPRINT, control is in the hands of the parents that can set their own budget based on how they want to execute the plan.  BLUEPRINT is not a party in a box, but a plan that provides the guidance and tools to create an event that everyone will be talking about for weeks and months.

Every Party is Unique Because Every Child is Different

At the core of a successful party, is the understanding that every child is different, therefore each party should be completely unique. The DIY plans from BLUEPRINT help to create an experience that are always high energy with constant movement that flows from activity to activity.

Monique and Ariel focus on key factors to ensure a fantastic time. They always make sure the Blueprint plan is easy to use and are full ideas to create a sense of “controlled chaos”.  To make each party plan perfect for each family, the process begins with a simple quiz that evaluates your desired theme and preferences for the event. This means learning about the space where the party will be, how many people are expected to attend, the type of personality your child has, their favorite colors, music, and foods.  The goal is to make the birthday child feel special, and also each guest that attends.

The Importance of Party Games that are Inclusive

When creating a party, BLUEPRINT recognizes that everyone who attends the party is a winner when they have a great time. Traditional party games like Simon Says or Musical Chairs have lots of losers and only one winner.  Kids are on the sidelines, feeling left out, and waiting for the winner to be announced.  It’s not a good feeling and certainly doesn’t make for the type of memories that last a lifetime.  BLUEPRINT focuses on inclusive and encouraging games that never end with just one person left. There are no “outs” and each game keeps every player excited. Based on your theme, games will include appropriate and fitting music, along with rules that are easy to understand for each child and the host!   

Picking Your Perfect Theme

The list of possible themes is virtually endless, and BLUEPRINT has 27 themes that are fully customized to be what your child will be thrilled about.  Does your child love the idea of sleepovers but is too young to stay overnight? BLUEPRINT has a pajama themed party that includes everything amazing about a sleepover without the actual sleep-over! Or maybe an exciting carnival sounds fun… the plan provides guidance about the games, prizes, and cotton candy. Another popular option is a treasure hunt theme. There is a story that is told through games and clues that ultimately leads to a treasure that awaits the party guests!

Focus on What is Truly Important

A child’s birthday is exciting and a time for love, support, and joy.  By focusing on what a child loves and not how it all looks, is what makes an event “the best day ever.”  When parents take control over how much they want to spend and focus on quality over quantity, that’s when the real magic happens.