The To-do List You Must Check For Your Kid’s Birthday

The day our kid is born is the happiest day of our lives and celebrating that day with love and vigour is every parent’s priority. However, it is not an easy task to accomplish as a lot of preparation goes into making a birthday party a success. If you miss any little detail, it may play spoilsport on the fun of the festivities. Hence planning the event is always a great idea. You can start with making a to-do list of everything you have to do and then arrange the tasks in a logical and optimum order as per priority, whether it is getting birthday cakes for kids or finalising the decoration.

To save you some time and energy, here is a ready-made to-do list to get you started with the birthday preparations. You can add or skips things from this to-do list as per your own ideas you have for the party.


You can begin by selecting a venue for the birthday party. So, you will have to decide whether you want to party at a restaurant or diner or you prefer a private celebration at your home.


Once you have finalised the venue, you can opt for an appropriate decoration. If you are celebrating at a restaurant, you can contact the people there to book tables in advance, brief them about the kind of decoration you need. If you are organising the party at home, you can base the decoration and the entire event on a theme that will excite the kids. Doing so will not only keep the kids interested but will also add a youthful and fun vibe to the proceedings.

Getting the birthday cake ready

The birthday cake takes the centre stage in an event like a birthday party, hence getting it perfect is very important. As its the kid’s birthday you are planning for, so a custom cake based on themes popular amongst the kids such as cartoons, superheroes, games, dolls etc. will be an apt choice. You can either bake the cake at home or order it online and get it delivered wherever you want. The latter will surely save you from the hassle.

Finalising the gift

You kid is every bit special and means the world to you hence the gift you choose should be equally special and meaningful. Gifts which encourage them to be more observant, creative and improve their analytical and cognitive skills should be preferred. A binocular, a walkie talkie, a zigsaw puzzle, monopoly, books, etc. are some of the gifts you can consider. You can also consider gifting him a family trip to his or her favourite destination as it will help you bond with your little bundle of joy.

Preparing the guest list

Preparing the guest list is very important as it gives you an idea about the number of attendees and their age group. As it is your kid’s birthday, so other kids will also be a part of the guest list apart from their parents and your own friends and family. You will have to make arrangements keeping the guest list in mind.

Food menu

Last but not least, you have to finalise the food menu for the guests. It should include things which the kids love as they are going to be a significant portion of the guest list. If you are not too confident of your own culinary skills, you can contact a good caterer and get it sorted. Make sure you do that well in advance to avoid any last minute hiccups.

With all these items checked off your to-do list, you can surely breath easy and be confident of having a rocking birthday party for your adorable kid.