Top 5 Handbooks for Beginners to Learn Modern Greek

Greece, well, is the birthplace of Western Civilization, and the Greek Language dates way back to 1400 BC and is currently spoken by over more than ten million people worldwide. People present in different counties, such as Cyprus, Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Greece, Israel, Southern Italy, etc. speak Greeks.

However, not everyone has the money and resources to join a language school to learn the language. This is where books come handy, as you can buy them from the store, can order online, or can read it over the internet, sometimes free and sometimes paid. The same thing goes for books that can help you in Greek language learning with ease.

Greek For Beginners: The Best Handbook for Learning to Speak Greek!

This book comes at a price, and you can get it either on your Kindle or can buy it in paper form. With the help of this book, it won’t be difficult for you to learn Greek and speak it fluently in no time.

Some of the topics covered in this book are The Greek Alphabets, Parts of Speech, Tenses of Verbs, Greek Grammar 101 and Basic Phrases, etc.

Through this book, you will know the grammar and the basics of the language, along with speaking like some native.

Learn to Read Greek in 5 Days

Learning anything new should not be made difficult, and this book took care of that thing. The book takes a different approach to teach the language to the ones who want to learn Greek. They discard the approach of learning the alphabets and then moving on to the dialogues.

It goes for the approach in which one letter is taught per day, and it comes with enough practice material to ensure that you have learned the alphabet perfectly.

Read and Speak Greek for Beginners

The handbook comes in the form of Kindle and Paperback. The book basically helps you in getting an easy way to read and understand the Greek language. It helps you in reinforcing vocabulary as well as manipulating and understanding the basic structures. You can get your hands on the tests, puzzle, and illustrated flashcards.

The book provides an Audio CD, which helps you in understanding the way some words should be spoken.

Reading Greek

Cambridge University published this book, and it is very informal and accessible in its approach. The book introduces its learners to step by step approach of Greek language learning and does not burden the reader with heavy grammar terms and concepts. It does not go into the details of every part of speech and lets you explore everything on your own in the book.

Introduction to Attic Greek

Every person’s learning style is different, and this book helps different people in learning the Greek language. This book provides every single detail, every minute points to its readers even if they are difficult to comprehend, but the book has written in it for those readers who are ready to go the extra mile.

This books, if especially for those people who want to learn Greek to speak quickly and confidently, and it is not aimed for only university students.