Valentine’s Day Ideas To Try This Year


Now that Christmas is over and we’re into January the next big thing to start thinking about is Valentine’s Day. While many people don’t feel the need to focus on just one specific day to show their love and appreciation to their partner, many people enjoy doing so and wonder each year how they can outdo the previous year. Never fear, help is here! Check out these awesome suggestions for things to do for Valentine’s Day – some old standbys and some new suggestions that you might give a try this year!

Roses and Other Plant Based Gifts

A tried and tested way to show someone you care is by buying them a gift of flowers. Valentine’s Day roses are always a great go-to and with a number of ways to purchase them too it’s easier than ever to give that special someone a floral surprise whether in person or by post. Surprise your loved one by sending flowers to their workplace or get them delivered to their home – even if they’re on the other side of the country or out of town on business. While roses are the main flower of Valentine’s Day, there are a whole host of different types of flowers and even plants that make great gifts as well.

Love Coupons

This is a fantastic option for someone who wants to give something from the heart and handmade. Love coupons can include things like ‘one bath drawn for you’, ‘I will cook dinner’, ‘I will do all the chores for one week’ and the like. Love coupons can range in anything you feel like adding and including and are perfect for the person who has everything or for those hard to buy for people. Everyone appreciates help around the house or just feeling cared for, so it’s a perfect way to make your intentions known and get some brownie points too!

Date Night

Date nights of course are the quintessential Valentine’s Day thing to do, but alas, many places jack the prices right up around Valentine’s Day, but often for good reason. Given that many people want a special meal many places will serve steaks, special dinners and wine and the like for a specific amount of money per person. Often it can be two or three courses for the overhead which can work out to be a pretty good deal, especially for fancier places that may end up being a bit of a steal as opposed to their every day menus. Be sure to check out your favourite restaurant options or maybe even that new place you’ve been meaning to try. It’s the perfect excuse!

So whether you’re in a long term relationship, a new relationship, married or the like, consider one of these great options for making this Valentine’s Day a day to remember this year for all the right reasons. From flowers to dinner and more – or maybe a bit of everything – you can rest easy that it will be a great day from start to finish!