Winning At Life and Social Media – Anyone Can Be A Star



With so much focus on successful people – and even animals – in the media these days it’s no surprise that we start looking at our own lives and how we compare and measure up with those who are clearly winning at life more than we are. And why not? Drawing inspiration from others is a great way for us to start making the changes we need to make in order to win at our own lives. If you’re wondering how, you aren’t alone. Read ahead to see how even animals are winning at life these days.

More Than One Way To Win

Succeeding – or winning – at life comes in more than just a few ways for people depending on what success looks like for you. For some it’s living it up on a private island somewhere in the tropics, sipping margaritas while for others it’s simply being able to have a bit of spending money at the end of the month. Okay, that first one is a little far-fetched for most people who don’t have huge bank accounts or trust funds set up. A more common measurement of winning at life is to go on that holiday you’ve been eyeing over the last few years or being able to pay off your car. Those are pretty great ideas and paying off your car can help lead you to having more money in general to spend on things like holidays or new toys as well!

Social Media Stars

If you are a follower of the social platform Instagram, you will know that there are a whole lot of rich folk on there touting their lifestyle from fast cars to Dom Perignon champagne just for fun on a Friday, these rich kids of Instagram seem to have it all. Did you know there’s even rich animals of Instagram too? Who would have thought that animals could have riches that rival the wealthy, never mind an Instagram account. You can check out the cool infographic below that was created by CashLady – it shows off these social star animals in style, enough to make even a rich kid jealous!

Don’t worry though – even with all the sand and islands shown off on social media, you can have your in. Take some snaps on your next vacation and get in on the fun with a couple of hashtags and live like a king on Instagram yourself. You don’t need the huge bank account the rich kids or the animals do to live it up, so get snapping today.