What Homeowners Should Know About Electronic Pest Control

Are you tired of trying different chemicals to get rid of pest infestations? Perhaps you want a safer, healthier alternative? Then, it’s time to consider electronic methods of pest control. There are several different kinds of electronic methods for homeowners to choose from, each with their own techniques and benefits. Despite the differences, though, each of them is effective in their own way.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the electronic pest control Sydney homeowners have and what makes each device effective.

1. Ionic Pest Control Electronic Device

Ionic pest control as a way of controlling pest infestations is highly effective. This technique works to create negative ions that will then clear the air in your home of harmful pollutants. Typical pollutants found in homes include bacteria, dust mites, and even the odours found in your house. Odours can actually attract pests, which is why it’s a good idea to clean the air. Negative ions are created naturally after it rains, which is why the atmosphere feels so fresh after a storm passes. Since most pests tend to be sensitive to negative ions, they are alerted when storms begin to approach. They then grow eager to leave certain areas before the storm sets it.

2. Ultrasonic Pest Control Electronic Device

An ultrasonic pest control device uses high frequency sound waves that you can’t hear with your human ears. The sound waves work to repel pests with the annoying sound and discourage them from coming to your home. Both small and large animals can pick up the high frequency waves. For instance, insects will sense the pitch with the help of their antennae. Other pests, like moths, grasshoppers and even butterflies make use of special organs to pick up the sounds. One of the biggest benefits of ultrasonic pest control devices is that it is not lethal and will not harm pests in any way. The downfall, though, is that you will need to adjust the device from time to time so that the pests don’t get used to the annoying sound. It should be noted that if you keep rodents as pets, your pets will likely be agitated by this method. So, if you keep pet hamsters, mice, gerbils and those types of pets, you may want to avoid using such pest control device.

3. Electromagnetic Pest Control Device


With an electromagnetic pest control device, signals are sent through the wiring surrounding your home. The device works by changing the frequency and annoying pests so much that they will stay away from your property. This is different from the ultrasonic method, but the results are relatively similar. The electromagnet device drives pests away, which means they cannot eat, build nests or breed around your home.

With enough electronic pest control methods to choose from, there’s no reason your home shouldn’t be, and remain, pest free.