What You Should Be Doing in Order to Get Your Dream Job

So you have studied for every qualification that is required for your dream job but as yet you have not found the perfect empty vacancy? You are not alone in becoming frustrated at not yet being given the chance to show your true colors, and many people actually give up the search for their dream job, because they have bills to pay that will not wait. Well the first step in finding that job is not giving up, even if you do need to take on a different position first, just to get some money coming in. If you have found yourself in this situation then you are going to need to be patient, and ensure that you are doing all that you can to both find, and go after that position which you have studied so hard to achieve.

Job Postings

Far too many people restrict themselves when they search for job postings, only looking at one or two job sites, and perhaps the odd classifieds. If you really want that vacancy then you need to make sure that you have a blanket approach to your search, monitoring just about every single job site or newspaper that you have to in order to spot a vacancy when it goes live. Furthermore you should always keep an eye on specialized job pages, where they are looking for certain professions, for example if you are looking to find a job as a lawyer, be sure to focus heavily on job pages which specialize in legal recruitment.

Cold Calling

Something else which is very good practice in your hunt for a position is to send as many letters of application as you possibly can, complete with your resume. Even if a company is not implying right now they will hopefully keep your application on record for the future, or they may even admire your spunk and bring you in for a chat. The absolute worst case scenario here is that someone either says no, or they ignore you entirely, either way you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Social Media

Social media has radically changed how people recruit for positions and there is no harm in checking sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook to see if anyone is looking for the position that you seek. In many cases businesses will solely rely on social media, so it makes sense to keep an eye open on these channels. Equally on a site such as LinkedIn, you should have an extensive profile set up, complete with all of your skills, attributes, qualifications and experience, so that people will also be able to find you when they are looking for professional with your expertise. You must open up the possibility of being headhunted by ensuring that you have a detailed profile or portfolio, like Alex Gotch, for others to find.

Groom and Keep Clean

Suppose you got scheduled for an interview; you want to make a lasting first impression in a good way. A lot of people think wearing appropriate office outfits is enough, when it’s not. Practice good hygiene, and groom yourself everywhere you can. A quick hair trim and style make a difference, but you can do better. Groom your nails, put on a little makeup, and make sure your clothes aren’t creased.

Some places of employment still make drug testing mandatory. You’re only a few steps away from getting your dream job, so you don’t want anything to get in the way when you’ve come so far. Make sure you’re clean by doing the most that you can and by using detoxifying products that are sure to give you the pass you need.

The key is to be as patient as possible and get into a daily routine of searching all avenues for the position that you are after, it may take time but if you persevere, you will get there in the end.