5 Dress Tips For Matching Suitable Shapewear

Have you ever thought about what dress can you wear with each shapewear product and vice versa? It is very important to know this, because this way you will know what body shapers you need to have in your wardrobe as for sure your style when it comes to fashion is very well defined by now.

1. The advanced body sculptor for bodycon dresses

You very well know that bodycon dresses are very tight and they reveal every small fault you might have. For this reason you will need the best shapewear for tummy and waist you might find. So the best choice is by far the advanced body sculptor which will add high compression to your problematic areas of your body so that no excess fat to be visible throughout your dress. This amazing piece of shapewear will transform your entire silhouette! Your waist will be visible smaller, your abdomen will be flat, there won’t be any fat rolls on your back, the breasts will be lifted, your booty will also look plumper and it will even reduce the size of your thighs.

2. The high waist shaper shorts for all the short dresses out there

Short and mini dresses are the trend right now, so you will definitely need a bodysuit appropriate for them. Your best choice is the high waist shaper shorts, which will be a perfect match for all your minis out there and you will also be able to wear them with shorts as well. This body shaper will lift your booty while sculpting your waist area to perfection. You will instantly have a smaller waist line and a flat tummy!

3. The low back bodysuit for all those dresses with open back

Maybe you need to go to an event and you have a beautiful dress with open back, but you still want to reshape your abdomen and waist so that you will look absolutely perfect the entire evening. Well, in this case you need a bodysuit with a low back cut. This type of plus size shapewear is a must have for every woman, because nothing is more sexier than an open back dress and is super important to have suitable shapewear for it.

4. The tummy control and butt lifter for all your casual dresses

Do you want a bodysuit that you can wear with all of your dresses all day long? If your answer is yes, then you will definitely love this body shaper! Made out of spandex and nylon, it is super comfortable so you will be able to wear it for at least 8 hours each day. Plus, it will elongate your torso and make you look taller while reducing the fat you might have on your waist, tummy and butt, making your body look a lot smoother.