5 Reasons for Moms to Consider Part-Time Work From Home

Being a mom and balancing a work schedule can be hard, but we have a solution! Here’s 5 reasons moms should consider part time work from home!

Being a mom is a tough gig. Most people don’t realize how exhausting it is until they try it.

These days, many moms feel like they have to be “super moms” to keep up with everyone else. They have to take care of their kids, the house, work outside the home, and look amazing while doing it.

This can get overwhelming really quick. It’s kind of tiring just reading that sentence!

What if there were a way to make all this easier? Have you ever considered taking on some part-time work from home instead of going to a job? Let’s look at 5 reasons why this is such a great idea.

Saves Time

Have you ever thought about how much time a job outside the home requires? We’re talking about aside from actual working hours. Take a moment to consider it.

Think about how much time you need to get ready in the morning. Add that to how much time you spend commuting each day. Multiply that by 5. Don’t forget to add in extras like washing your uniform or going to the dry cleaners to pick up your clothes.

For many of you, that can add up to the time a part-time job takes all by itself!

When you work from home the time spent commuting goes to zero. You might work in a fancy place like these offices. But how much better is it to work from home in your pajamas?

And for those video chats? You can pull your hair back, put on a little makeup and a work-appropriate blouse, and be done! You don’t even have to change out of your jammie pants if you don’t want to.


About 66% of families have two income streams these days. In some families, it may be that both parents don’t have to work but they choose to do so for various reasons. In others, both parents working is necessary to get by.

Are you a mom that would rather stay home with your kids, but can’t because your family needs the extra income? A part-time work from home may be the answer for you.

You might think that you can’t possibly work part-time and still make enough money. But take a moment to look at the numbers.

Start with how much money your job costs you. This could be clothing and cleaning costs, gas or other transportation costs, and childcare expenses.

You might even add takeout meal costs if you pick up food often on the way home from work that you might otherwise prepare at home. That even has the added perk of providing your family with healthier meal options.

Deduct all that from your salary and compare it to what you could make working from home. The result might surprise you.

Be With Your Kids

When you work from home you get to spend more time with your kids. When they’re fighting or the baby’s crying all day, that might not seem like a good thing.

But trust us when we say that it is. You’ll be there for all the exciting milestones. You’ll hear the first words, you’ll see the first steps.

Those are moments that you’ll treasure. And if working is a have-to rather than a want-to, you may be heartbroken over missing them.

But when you do part-time work from home, you get to do both!

Keep Your Skills Sharp

You may plan to stay home with your kids, but re-enter the workforce when they start school. At the rate that things move these days, you could be behind career-wise in those few short years.

Working from home gives you the opportunity to keep your skills sharp for when you’re ready to return.

Or you may not plan to return to work, but unforeseen events require it. Divorce, death, or job loss are not things you plan for, but they happen.

Depending on what you do, it can take time to get your at-home work rolling. If you already have laid the groundwork, it’s easier to step up your income in the event it becomes necessary. That is some nice security to have.

A Feeling of Productivity

Raising kids is a very important job. Little kids can’t survive on their own. They are completely dependent upon their parents to provide for them and give them what they need.

If you’re already at home you know just how difficult being a mom can be. Somewhere in all the sacrifices of sleepless nights, washing baby poop off your clothes, and eating a cold meal–again–it’s worth it. But sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it.

If you take on a bit of part-time work from home, it can make you feel more productive. You’re still totally capable of doing something that doesn’t involve making silly faces or singing nursery rhymes.

The extra money is a nice bonus, of course. But for many moms having something to do outside of taking care of the kids is refreshing.

Find Your Part-Time Work From Home Niche

The Internet has opened a world of possibilities for those looking to work from home. You may have to get a little creative, but there’s a lot you can do with a computer and a good Internet connection.

Find your niche and who knows? You could end up finding something that you really enjoy!

How’s that for a perk? You get to stay home with your kids, save on work expenses, earn an income, and enjoy what you’re doing!

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