5 Reasons To Choose Homeschooling For Your Kids

Schooling is about more than just education. Your child’s schooling experience molds their personality and character. Unfortunately, there are many risks for your little one to contend with at school. Bullying is getting out of hand, peer pressure is unavoidable, and there is a general concern about the new curriculums and programs being adopted in public schools.

Unsurprisingly, more parents are turning to homeschooling as a solution to these problems. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider doing it too, according to scholars at My Homework Done.

1. More Flexible Schedule

Schools have rigid schedules. The kids have to be in at the set time, and the hours seem long at times. That is why family time is so limited during school days.

Homeschooling gives you more time with your kids as the schedule is flexible. You get to set the learning times, and you can always work around the schedule to accommodate other activities. That helps to create a stronger bond between you and your little one right into adulthood. The feeling is amazing and fulfilling.

2. Control the Curriculum

Parents are voicing concern about some of the new curriculums and programs being introduced in public schools. They feel that these programs are confusing their kids and piling pressure on them to fall in line with mainstream ideologies. That is one of the main reasons why many parents are switching to homeschooling.

The convenience of homeschooling is that you get to decide what your child learns. You can take away all the negative programs and even add some more positive ones of your own.

3. Personalize and Customize Learning

Learning in public and private schools is based on a one-size-fits-all model. All students are expected to keep up with the pace regardless of their learning capabilities. Unfortunately, the truth is that some kids have difficulty learning. They can still learn and excel, but it has to be in a different way.

If your kid has difficulty learning, you should consider homeschooling. You can study your child’s learning patterns and come up with a personalized learning system. This way, they can learn with ease, and over time, they will get past their learning difficulties.

You will also be saving your child a lot of ridicule as kids who perform poorly in school tend to be targets for bullying from other kids.

4. Better Grades

Students are considerably underperforming nowadays, compared to the past. There are fewer students eligible for higher education today. That is because the education system is failing – but homeschooling, on the other hand, is not.

Research, conducted by the National Home Education Research Institute, has revealed that home-educated kids perform better than public school kids in the standardized tests. The average home-educated child scores about 30 percentile point more than a public school student. The rates are even higher among minorities whose public schooling experience is challenging.

That means that home-educated kids have better chances of admission to a university. It also means that their employment and entrepreneurial prospects are better. You’ll get great returns from your effort!

5. It Is Healthier And Safer

Public schools are becoming crowded; therefore, there are growing concerns about students’ health. The ongoing measles scare has only served to magnify these concerns. There are also fears that school shootings are getting out of hand. There have been many incidents of violence in schools, and it has left dozens dead and many more traumatized. These, too, are some of the main reasons why more parents are switching to homeschooling.

The public school systems are crumbling. Parents who are concerned with their kids’ well-being, fortunately, have the option to home-educate them. It is more effective, safer, cheaper, healthier, and you get to spend more time with your little ones.