6 Tips to Choosing the Best Company Intranet Portal

Working within an intranet environment is becoming the need of every emerging business. As the business size and the number of employees increases, it becomes necessary to have a centralized system where everyone can contribute and get information effortlessly. Intranet networks declutter a lot of things from your operational activities. For instance, you don’t have to organize different platforms for communications for communication, sending documents and editing files. The best intranet company will provide tailored solutions according to your need. They assort only useful features crucial to run your business fluently. If it is your first time, invest wisely with some important tips as we are mentioning below.

  • Attractive and user-friendly interface

Within a business organization, employees of different qualifications and designations work together. Everyone will not have the same level of understanding. Your intranet system must be designed in a manner to be understood by everyone conveniently. The features must be accessible without different level barriers. Moreover, in order to match the modern business standards, its interface should also have an appealing look. The main goal of an engaging UI is to encourage employees to adopt the new work environment without any odd feel.

  • Smart content management system

Within an intranet environment, countless files of different formats are contributed. The documents and other content management capability of your intranet system must be smart enough to classify everything in an organized manner. Choose the best Company Intranets powered by AI to ensure productive management. Smart content management helps the users to access and evaluate the desired information conveniently.

  • Search bar integration

When you are replacing the internet of office with intranet, users need the same experience. This is not possible without a search bar just like we use google search engine. However, the information in intranet will be relevant to business operations only. Search bar integration should be smart enough to pull out the information through keywords or key phrases. All file formats of relevant search terms must show instantly.

  • Secure environment and technical support

Intranet solutions are worthless without adequate security from cyber threats. Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns why many companies are polarizing towards intranet adoption. In case of any malfunctioning or cyber attack, the intranet company should take responsibility for providing feasible solutions without affecting the work flow. Clarify every term and condition about their technical support service in detail before making an investment.

  • Slot of customization in the future

As the business rises, we definitely feel the need for more features in our existing intranet system. Make sure that they have customization plans that work without affecting the already existing data. You can check their plans online to know whether they are customizable according to the business size and type or not.

  • Integration features

When we talk about integration, it means getting support from third-party platforms rather than inclusive tools of already existing Intranet. Some third-party tools are capable of making smart calculations like generated revenue, incurred expenses, total sale or traffic generation. In order to make it work, integration features are necessary.

These are 6 important factors every business owner must consider while choosing an intranet plan. Nowadays, tailored solutions ranging from startups to enterprise level are available online. We recommend comparing the plans of at least 2-3 service providers before subscribing. Once you put the operational activities on a platform, it is not feasible to make changes frequently. Therefore, invest wisely because your chosen intranet system will decide whether the employees will get a better work platform or their performance go worse.