7 Tattoo Alternatives You Can Use Just to Remind You of Your Values

Psychological studies have shown that using positive affirmations and reciting our values can change the way we perceive ourselves. In turn, this can make a positive change in the way we react to different situations!

The key is making sure that we use these affirmations regularly. Saying, reading, or thinking a positive phrase once isn’t going to change the way we feel and behave. So what can you do with these phrases to remind you to recite them daily?

One option is to have your affirmations tattooed to your body, but that route is a little too permanent (and too painful) for our taste.

If you don’t want to get inked up, don’t worry! Read on for seven great ideas to bring your affirmations and values to life just to remind you of the positive changes you’re making!

1. Motivational T-Shirts

Never underestimate the power of a graphic tee. They’re cute, they’re functional, and there are tons of them out there, from funny t-shirts to motivational ones. You’re certain to find one with your affirmation printed on it, and if not, take matters into your own hands and have one custom made!

If you wear your values on your t-shirt, you’ll have a reminder of what you stand for every time you look down or look in a mirror. Plus, you’ll be spreading positivity to everyone you interact with while wearing it!

2. Motivational Prints

Maybe you want a reminder of your affirmations and values every morning when you wake up. Or, maybe you need a boost at the office after a long and stressful meeting.

Look for prints that express your values and have them framed so you can hang them on the wall. They’ll make a great accent piece in any room and they’ll be sure to boost your mood and your confidence!

3. Positivity Jewelry

Perhaps it’s not a phrase you’re after, but a symbol that means something to you. Wearing a piece of jewelry that you associate with your affirmations or values can trigger those positive thoughts each time you see it!

Necklaces and earrings can make great positivity jewelry, but the most effective piece has to be a bracelet. Why? Because you use your hands for almost every activity, so you’ll catch sight of your bracelet countless times a day!

Looking for some inspiration? You can shop positivity bracelets here!

4. Positive Notes

Need to start jotting down your affirmations and values in a hurry? Why not use a notepad?

Notepads are great because you can toss them in your purse and have them on hand the minute a new phrase or image comes to you. Never forget a positive thought again! Plus, you can pin up your favorite notes on your bulletin board at work or tape them to your bathroom mirror.

Jotting down positive notes is also a great way to track your thoughts and mental health over time. Collect them all in a safe place (and keep them in order) so that you can look back over the last few days, weeks, or even months and see the progress you’ve made now that you’re practicing positivity every day.

5. Alarms on Your Phone

Most of us have grown to loathe the phone alarm. It usually signals that it’s time to get up, get moving, and get to work–no matter how tired you are. Why not change that association?

On most phones, you can give your alarms a name. Set alarms to go off at random times during the day with short, empowering phrases like, “Spread Joy,” and, “Kindness is a strength.” Then get ready to be surprised when the buzzing from your phone isn’t an urgent phone call or an alarm telling you to wake up, but a nice reminder of who you are and how you want to live life!

6. Guiding Books and Videos

Sometimes it can make a world of difference to have our affirmations and values spoken to us from someone else. This can give you a renewed perspective or teach you the tools to express the way that you feel.

If you carry your phone around everywhere you go (which, let’s be honest, you do), you can also carry positive, guiding books and videos everywhere you go! Download an ebook or curated playlist of videos to remind you of the strength and positivity of your beliefs.

7. Fake Tattoos

If you don’t want to get real tattoos, why not get fake tattoos! You don’t have to get the ones that look like puppy dogs or smiley faces popular with kids, although those sound pretty positive!

You can now find tattoo pens online and in craft stores that work sort of like gel pens but with semi-permanent, non-toxic ink. If you have a love for doodling or a passion for calligraphy, you’ll love giving yourself fake tattoos that express your values and affirmations for a few days at a time!

Bring Your Thoughts Outside of Your Mind Just to Remind You of Who You Are

Sometimes it takes visualizing our affirmations and values just to remind you of who you are, what you believe in, and what you hope to achieve.

Forming new habits can be difficult, especially when we set goals that are too large or time-consuming to fit into our daily schedule. There are tons of quick and easy to manage ways to up your daily dose of positivity!

For more tips and tricks for the woman on-the-go, check out more of the posts on this blog!