A background check by CheckPeople will ensure you hire the right applicant

Get a background check by CheckPeople to ensure that you hire the right person for your team. Increasing employment rates, a snowballing number of forgeries and a dramatic increase in work related fraud mean that more and more employers are getting credit checks before they employ new members of staff. This is not only to protect their business assets but also for the safety of their other colleagues to whom they have a duty of care. It has been proven on timeless occasions that this can have very good benefits for businesses. You can also use the with companies that offer an office cleaning service as many cleaners have access to the building outside of office hours.

There are varying different levels or types of employment screening and here we hope to explain them all. The first is pre-employment screening which will unearth some of an applicant’s past history and will check that they have been truthful regarding employment history and education accomplishments. People often think that embellishing their educational achievements and missing out the odd job here and there is what everyone does on their resume or job applications and therefore checking the information is a very sensible thing to do. People can even forge certificates in this modern technological age.

The next type of check is the check from criminal history this is carried out to avoid any future problems for the business and to ensure that the potential employee is not put in the face of temptation. It also aims to keep your customers and other employees in a safe and secure position and not cause them any threat of harm. This is why the sex offenders register is checked along with any crimes including violence. If you do not do this check and then an incident occurs, you as the employer will be held responsible for anything that may happen to your business or a member of staff and that is a very big responsibility that can affect lives of the staff and their families. You could also be taking through a lawsuit as a consequence of what happens if the victims or their families do not think that you showed due diligence in protecting the other employees.

Some companies will take this further and will drug test new applicants to ensure that they are not a substance abuser, again this is a steadily growing phenomena and therefore employers who want to keep their business drug free are carrying out such tests.

Some companies will get identity checking companies to verify an individual for them so that they are confident that they are hiring the right candidate and one that will not bring them issues. These companies will then carry out the criminal checks, on a federal and national level as well as a Country level. They also have the ability to verify the authenticity of the applicant’s qualifications stated and previous job history. They can also look into an applicant’s credit report, they may take a look at social media, some people document their whole lives on there, whether it be in comment or picture format. All of these tests then come together to form a picture of the candidate and give you the option to decide whether or not you think that they are right for your business.