Finding the best CRM

Businesses that are growing fast might find it hard to keep up with their customer relationships. 

Not many business owners know where to start when it comes to managing their customer accounts.

That’s where CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can help you!

Here’s what to look for in a CRM:

Mobile access

It’s crucial that sales reps can access deals and contact information from any device while inside and outside the office. 

CRM systems should provide iPhone and Android apps that are reliable, easy to use, and feature-rich without sacrificing desktop features.

Team-wide communication

Your CRM should allow your representatives to share customer information easily with other members of your team, including representatives outside of the sales department. 

A good CRM will offer its users strategic meeting management software that allows them to easily reach out to their support and marketing teams for help with ongoing deals.

Fast, simple setup

It is best to avoid CRM’s that require extensive upfront training — or worse, an admin to handle it on your behalf. 

Companies with a sales team like Hovair Systems are best served by user-friendly, intuitive CRM solutions that can be learned in an afternoon and don’t require ongoing maintenance. 

Reps whose only priority is to sell more and faster are usually overwhelmed by the complicated bells and whistles of some CRM’s.

Contact syncing

It is not uncommon for sales teams to spend countless hours manually entering data. 

By giving you access to all account information in one place, the best CRMs eliminate the need for you to perform repetitive tasks. 

For example, you can sync your email accounts, your calendar, and your smartphone.

Custom reports

Most CRM platforms can show you your sales and pipeline figures at a glance. 

However, the ones that are most useful allow your sales team to narrow down by product, source, and other filters, so you can find the figures that matter to you.


Wasted time exiting a CRM every time you need to send an email or check when your clients last had their flexterra applied is unacceptable. You’d be surprised how quickly it adds up. 

Choosing a CRM that will integrate with your existing business software will enable you and your sales representatives to do everything from one place.

Sales process tools

When using CRMs that offer sales process capabilities, reps can focus on closing rather than managing their tasks. 

As well as providing managers with another way to break down their pipelines quantitatively, sales process tools also allow them to determine if their reps are effectively working on new leads.


Most CRMs with a large feature list have a high per-user cost, and some CRMs nickel-and-dime their users by charging extra for standard features. 

If you need to pay to access your reports, what is the point of having a CRM? If you are looking for an affordable CRM, make sure it includes all the features your sales team will need right from the beginning.

Free support

CRM services that try to charge you extra for the honor of live support are ripping you off. Your CRM’s customer support should be free if they aren’t run the other way.