How to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is something that helps us thrive, and when we lack confidence, it affects everything we do, as well as our mood and thoughts. So why do some people seem to have no problems with confidence, while others just feel like hiding away? There are lots of things that can affect our confidence. For example, you might have had a set back at work that has shaken your belief that you can do your job, or you might not be happy about your appearance, your weight, or things that you perceive to be flaws, such as a lack of social skills. The good news is, there are ways that you can boost your confidence and start living the life you want.

Look After your Appearance

When you feel like you are not looking good, it lowers your mood and affects how you interact with people. Sometimes, this can become a vicious cycle, in that you feel so low that you lose interest in looking after your appearance. However, making an effort can transform how you feel.

Choose clothing that flatters your body shape, and that make you feel good when you wear it. It could be soft knitwear that makes you feel cozy inside and out, buying the best plus size party dresses you’ve had your eye on or a pair of killer heels you fell in love with when you saw them at the store!

Visit a salon for pamper session, or get a new haircut or color. When you look good, you feel good, and you’ll gain a new sense of confidence!

Learn a New Skill

Do you have a passion or interest in something that you would like to take further? For example, you might enjoy watching dancing on television but never thought to try it yourself. Or, perhaps you have an interest in nature and conservation, but never thought of volunteering with local groups.

Well, when you get involved in new activities and learn new skills, it boosts your mood and gives you confidence in other areas of life too! So, the next time you find yourself thinking ‘I wish I could do that,’ do something about it and see where it takes you!

Work on your Social Skills

It can be easy to feel intimidated by talking to others, especially if we regard them as having a higher status, or are in a position of authority. The key thing is to remember that we are all just human beings, with our own personal dramas, hopes, and dreams. Knowing that helps you see we are all on an equal level, and you will be able to find some common ground to spark a conversation.

Another conversation tip is to ask people questions about themselves. It shows that you are interested, and as most people enjoy talking about themselves so you don’t get any awkward silences.

Confidence is key to feeling good about yourself, so make an effort to nurture it. You will soon see the benefits it brings to your life, and when you feel good, it also has a positive effect of everyone you interact with. So, go spread that joy!