How to Give Your Bathroom a Makeover


Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house; it also has to deal with some drastic extremes of temperature and humidity. However, because of all the fittings you have in the room, it can be the one place that you put off redecorating for the longest. If you have decided to give your bathroom a makeover, here are a few tips that can help you.

Setting Your Budget

Before you embark on your bathroom makeover, you need to be sure that you set yourself a budget and stick to it. If you don’t, it can be all too easy to keep buying little things until your budget soars out of control. Start by looking through some examples of wall coverings, floor coverings and fittings that you want and add those to your final list. If you can also get prices for them as well, you will know how much it will amount to in the end. You also need to factor in any tradespeople that are coming in to do any work in the bathroom. Do your research into companies such as to get you started. If you are bringing in a plumbing company, then you need to consider this within your final budget total.


When you are thinking about what to place on the walls, most people choose tiles instead of any other covering. Tiles are preferred because they are water resistant and they are easy to keep clean. Tiling the bathroom can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you haven’t tiled anything before. Although the tiling process is straightforward, it is a good idea to do some research before you start. Some people choose to tile halfway up the walls, and some choose to tile the whole wall. The areas around the bath or shower should be fully tiled, but the other walls are up to your personal preference. As well as the walls, you can also tile the floor, though it is best to lay tiles that have a gripping surface, so you don’t slip when the floor is wet.

Bathtub and Sink

If you are thinking about changing your bathtub and sink, then you need to find out first if the new fittings will fit in the space you have. You should also try to remove the old sink and bathroom before you start to redecorate, this is because you can then tile around the area where the new fittings will be. Some people decide to take the bath out altogether and install a shower or convert to a wet room. Installing these types of options can become tricky, so if you don’t think you can do it alone, you should enlist some help or hire a professional to do the work.

Even though giving your bathroom a makeover can be hard work, the benefits of doing it are many. Not only can you install the most modern fittings, but you can also give your bathroom a clean new look.