How to Pick a Formal Dress For Your Body Type

Finding the right dress can be difficult. Especially considering we all have different body types. Here is how to pick a formal dress for your body type.

Do you have a business meeting or a fancy date set on your calendar? Events like those may have you scrambling to find a dress fit for the occasion.

Out of all the options, formal dresses are the way to go. But now the question rises: which one is right for your body type?

Surprisingly, not a lot of women know their body type. And if they do, they mistake it for another type.

All in all, there are roughly six main body types: A frame, H frame, ruler, V frame, oval, apple, and hourglass.

If all of this sounds confusing, don’t worry. We’ll help you find the perfect dresses for your shape using easy-to-understand descriptions.

Ready to start?

Here we go!

Full Thighs and Hips

This would classify you as a pear shape. If you find you wear a different size on the bottom than you do on top, here are some options for you.

Go for a dress with an A-line skirt. This will help you look more balanced.

As for the top portion, feel free to pick out dresses that are strapless or sleeveless. Fairweather dresses offer a wide variety that’ll look stunning on you.

Full Midsection

If you carry weight mostly in your midsection, you’re an apple shape. Because of the roundness, you want to elongate your torso.

Deter attention from your waist by choosing an empire or drop waist. Don’t wear thick belts as they’ll emphasize the fullness in your midsection.

Self-conscious about your arms? Aim for cap sleeves or sleeves that are billowy.

Slim All Around

Some women have a more athletic build, which means they’re more lean than curvy. Sound like you fit the bill? You’d be considered a rectangle shape.

With that said, you’ll want to add layers. Ruffles, peplums and even bubble dresses give the illusion of fullness.

For added bulk, opt for a contrasting blazer or cardigan.

Small Bust

For this body shape, you’ll want to avoid plunging necklines. Instead, go for dresses with sequins or other embellishments to add interest.

As with pear shapes, A-line dresses will great on you. Choose ones that come up about two or three inches above your knee to give more balance to your shape.

Full Bust and Defined Waistline

If this describes your body shape, you’re an hourglass. Dresses that emphasize your curves will look the most flattering.

Bodycon and bandage dresses will follow your silhouette and won’t look frumpy. Avoid high necklines as they’ll give the illusion of an abnormally large bust.

Fuller on Top

This body shape is classified as the inverted triangle or V shape. You find yourself to be fuller on top with broad shoulders but slender legs and a narrow waist.

To balance out your proportions, focus on adding volume to your lower body. Dresses that are fitted in the waist with a fuller skirt will be flattering. Go for A-line skirts, ones with pleating, or that are flowy.

You can also go with sweetheart necklines and spaghetti straps to give the illusion of narrow shoulders.

Time to Pick Out a Formal Dress

Now that you’ve got a run-down on the six main body types, it’s time for you to choose a formal dress. Take what you learned into consideration and whether it’s a date or a party, you’ll light up the room.

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