How Women Can Climb the Corporate Ladder


For many decades now women have been totally immersed in the workplace and their contributions cannot be disputed. In fact, one could argue that in time they will occupy the majority of the highest job offices in companies around the world. However, one look at any boardroom today tells a different story. Women today rarely occupy powerful positions in spite of their skills and numbers in the workplace. And although we like to believe that climbing the corporate ladder is solely based on talent, the reality is quite different. For a woman it is often more about how she looks than what she knows. And women have to walk a fine line between looking good and being good in order to thrive.

No one should accept this reality and we should all work to change it every chance we get, but we also have to acknowledge that it is a fact and women must take heed until things change. So, with this in mind, here are a few appearance related things women should consider making a focus.

Cosmetic Surgery:

Although it is often a controversial choice, today cosmetic surgery has to be on the list of things for a woman in the corporate world to consider. Especially if she has a physical issue or is aging. The reality is that it will probably make a difference in terms of her upward corporate mobility. There are dozens of procedures to consider and the best approach is to find a reputable cosmetic surgery clinic. In particular Sono Bello reviews all of its procedures meticulously to insure they meet client needs. Give them a call and remember a small procedure may have the greatest effect so go into it looking to get done only what you really need.

Start an Exercise Program:

There is no reason to start some form of exercise and the truth is that everyone looks better when they exercise. So now is the time to get into the grove and start a program. If you need motivation, join an aerobics or yoga class or buy a membership to a local gym. However, you need not purchase any expensive workout equipment or spend thousands on gym membership fees. Anything that gets the heart rate up and calories burning is the right idea. Brisk morning walks, evening jogs and even doing a daily routine at home with a Youtube channel all get the same result. You will gain the additional benefits of more energy and a clearer mind as well.

Ramp up Your Dress, Smell and Accessories:

Dress the part of the job title you want. This means if you want to be a high level executive, you need to wear tailored suits and clothes of appropriate length and cut. Shy away from too tight or too sexy outfits. Make sure you are not overdoing the bling in your purses earrings or necklaces. Do not wear accessories that are too flashy or that noisy when you move. Your perfumes should be noticeable but not overpowering, the same with your make-up. Do not look at this as being asked to cramp your personal style. Everyone who is on the top has to adhere to these rules (unless of course you own the company).