Landing your first big client how to get it done


Just started your own business? You may have gotten some revenue coming in from a hodgepodge of small clients, but so far, it’s only enough to cover your business and personal needs.

If you want to live the high life, you’ll want to go after big corporate concerns – to do that, you’ll need to evolve.

Think that it is too hard? John Bradberry was once in the same position as you, as he was barely keeping the lights on at his consulting company.

With a shift in focus, he started to catch the big fish he was missing before, leading him to become the success he is today.

By keying in on a few areas, he was able to get it done. Here’s how you can do the same.

1) Make adjustments to your process

If you want to attract the attention of Fortune 500 players, you will need to make adjustments with respect to how you attract new accounts.

While it is possible to attract small companies via e-mail and internet marketing channels, reaching large corporations is not so simple.

If you want to win their business, you’ll need to up your game by making adjustments in your client acquisition process.

By demonstrating in a clear and precise manner how you can create massive value for them, it will be easier for their key decision makers to say yes.

2) Do your research

Don’t wing it when it comes to winning the business of a major player. There’s no way around it – you’ll need to work harder than you have before if you hope to convince busy executives that you have the know-how to drive their profits to new heights.

If you want to craft killer unique selling propositions that will achieve this goal, you need to suck it up and do your research.

Learn about their weaknesses, strengths, and where they hope to take the corporation over the long term.

If they are a stock-issuing concern, scour their financial reports from top to bottom. If they are a private entity, assemble every media report about them over the past few years so you can get a clear picture of their current position.

This way, you’ll be ready when the time comes to woo representatives that have the authority to grant you that big contract.

3) Who are the decision makers?

Crafting a compelling case for decision makers is one thing, but finding them can be another matter altogether. So, how does one go about finding these individuals?

Do you know someone in a specific company? If so, convince them to make an introduction on your behalf.

If you aren’t that fortunate, you’ll need to hunt through reams of online data and/or make phone calls to find the person you need to speak with at length.

Even if you don’t manage to find the exact person initially, chances are excellent someone will know who you’ll need to contact.

Impress them with your detailed plan to add value to their company, and one of them will eventually make an introduction for you.