RV Travel Hacks For Moms

Travelling around the country or simply head off for a short yet sweet camping adventure with your best and littlest friends is no easy task. As a mother, you have so much to remember and plan for on a daily basis, you’re likely already pretty equipped to take on the challenges of a camping trip with the whole family along for a ride. There are, however, a couple of travel hacks that are going to help you on your way and make that upcoming adventure as smooth sailing and as successful as it possibly can be! These are as follows…

Your Camper Trailer is Your Best Friend

Firstly, never forget the value that your camper trailer has when you’re out there on the road with your kids. It’s your home away from home, protection, shade, bed, kitchen and bathroom all in one! Treat it with care and maintain it meticulously to ensure that your camper trailer is fighting fit all year round, not just when you’ve planned to take it out for a spin.

And if you’re still in the process of buying your first camper trailer or replacement for your old one it would be wise to first learn about different options you can choose from and learn different advices on owning one. There are variety of resources online like Cub Campers that can help you make smart decision on the type of camper that suits your needs.

Bring the Car Seats

Bring the car seats along to ensure that your kids are safe and secure whilst you’re driving to your chosen destination. You can strap those small ones in and be confident that they are nice and safe even when you’re tackling off road terrain! An adventurous spirit should never come before safety and security, so stayed prepared for any rocky roads or varying surfaces with your car seats, even if they are met with groans about being too old for them.

Sneaky Storage Solutions

Storage is a family’s finest asset! Try to prioritise smart storage solutions such as decanting your toiletries and kitchen essentials, rolling clothes instead of folding and minimising the amount of unnecessary clutter that tends to build up in your camper trailer packing collection overtime. Even the smallest storage adjustments can make a big impact in the long run, so don’t disregard the power of tweaking the smaller details.

Separate the Grown Ups’ Packing from the Kids’

You don’t want to have to fumble through toys, wipes and first aid just to try to find your keys or phone charger, do you? No! You spend the rest of your life doing that anyway! Make sure to separate your kit from your kids’ belongings to make finding your bits and bobs easier.

Bring Entertainment

A big mistake a lot of parents make when they take their kids camping is they ditch all forms of entertainment in an effort to get their children to embrace the great outdoors. The intention is great, but the execution? Not so much. If you want to get rid of the screens, that’s amazing, just be sure to bring plenty of arts and crafts, books, music and games to keep those active minds stimulated during downtime, evenings and bad weather days.

Pack Plenty of Food

This is an obvious one, but it is so imperative that it deserves a shout out every time you’re hunting for camping tips. Pre-plan every meal that you’ll be tucking into, bring plenty of dry snack and try to keep your breakfasts cold, dry and easy to eat to take a lot of work out of at least one of your meals.

Remember Your Own Relaxation

Lastly, please don’t forget that this getaway is as much for you as it is for the rest of your family! It is so easy to put everyone else before yourself and focus on everything going brilliantly instead of actually relaxing, but you really should. A relaxed, rested and happy parent is as important for your kids as an amazing trip is.