Business can be defined as a person’s occupation to do trade by selling products or services. This entity is owned by the business owner who hires a team of professionals to help him in his business activities to achieve his goal. This team forms a business organization.

Businesses can be small enterprises or large empires that can be hereditary too. Business as a source of breadwinning is always preferred because of ownership. It allows a person to set flexible timing, environment, and rules suitable to him. Unlike a job environment, in which everything is pre-settled and there is no room for suggestions and advice. This is so because of the employer and employee relationship. As far as business is concerned, demand and supply, cost and benefit analysis matter the most.  Starting up a business or setting it up in a competitive environment is not an easy task. Firstly, you will need to ensure you have the best credit cards for business startups, as you will want to separate your personal from your business expenses ASAP! In addition, it takes proper time and energy to plan what products to launch, plan the actual launch itself, and consider what other new products your business could create for its customers. In business, creating a demanding environment is mandatory to run the business smoothly and successfully. Businesses at every point need finances to run and introduce new things at the right time. Finances can be arranged through loans, mortgages, etc. In modern times, the small business line of credit is so supportive and much needed. It allows the owner to utilize finances whenever needed and in whatever way. It functions like a credit card and payment, transactions and withdrawal work in the same way. It is the perfect solution to have finances whenever they are needed.     

Small Business Line of Credit

This is much needed by any small business starting up. The credit line includes lending money and the interest begins when the money is withdrawn. Once the amount is paid, it is again available to be borrowed for the next time. Only the interest is not available again as the amount a business owner can borrow. Additionally, the lender will set a limit of the amount business owner can borrow at a time. The limitation is set by credit card in the small business line of credit. The essential point here is that in the small business line of credit, there is no collateral set up in case of being defaulter, etc. Moreover, quick payments back to the lenders will set a good credit profile. This will increase more chances of loan approval in the future.

Below are the other ways to finance business ventures:

  • Bank loans.
  • Online lending through cabbage and OnDeck.
  • Business credit cards.
  • Investors/crowdfunding through Kickstart and Indiegogo.
  • Business venture capitalists.
  • Collateral of home (home equity loans).
  • Microloans ranging up to $50,000.
  • Grant contests through FedEx, etc in which winner gains $25,000.
  • Invoice advances.
  • Pre-order and sales cycles.
  • Personal assets selling.

Getting the Business Line of credit

Every financer has its requirements to approve before giving the loan. Lending money is a risk as well as an investment; in which the lender has to make sure his profit and all the money back. Doubling of the money is as important for the lender as getting his money back is. Every business owner for the success of his business and approval of loan makes an excellent timeline of investment, beginning of business and everything. Expert and professional planning, however, are not enough. There are unexpected requirements of money for payrolls, technical requirements, unexpected expenses, financial opportunities and contingencies in business are common.  A business should be all prepared for these things and having a line of credit in all these cases is necessary. In the line of credit, only interest is paid over the amount borrowed.

Benefits of Business Line of Credit

  1. Easy Withdrawal

This is the first and most attractive feature of the line of credit. As withdrawing amount does not need the approval of the bank or concerned authority every time there is a need for cash.

  1. Re-borrow Feature

As mentioned above, the line of credit can be re-borrowed once it has returned. This means that the amount you borrowed previously and returned is available again to fulfill future debt requirements. This is why it is called short term loans with no hidden strings attached.

  1. Emergency Savor

These are the savior of a business owner who requires finances to fulfill emergency requirements. A sudden business opportunity can be taken through a business line of credit. Otherwise, in terms of loans, the borrower must need to fulfill pre-requirements and conditions first.

  1. Lower Interest Rates

Due to being short term, un-conditional and credit card similarity, the line of credit has low-interest rates. They help in managing the seasonal, surprise cash flow and finance fluctuations. Otherwise, term loans have an annual interest rate of around 20%.

  1. Easy Access

A business line of credit becomes more attractive when there are offered easy access to it. It can be accessed through internet banking, mobile banking, credit cards, and checkbooks.

Types of Line of credit

The other most important point is that the unsecured line of credit and secured line of credit are the two different options of the same thing.

  • The secured business line of credit is conditional. In this, collateral is of valuable assets, real estate, unpaid invoices, inventory, equipment, etc. collateral moreover is liquidated if the business owner becomes unable to pay or e defaulter. This liquidation is to pay off the balance of the loan or line of credit.
  • Unsecured business lines of credits are more attractive to business owners and especially beginners.  There are no protections, collateral set in case if the borrower becomes unable to pay because of the business downtown or failure. An unsecured line of credit, however, has more interest rates and a low amount of loans as compared to the mentioned above.

Sources of Getting Business Line of Credit

The affordable lines of credit can be taken by:

  • Fast Capital 360 offers a loan amount of up to $250,000 with a repayment term of six months to two years. Interest rates start from 8%. While the fund is provided in one day mostly.
  • Fund Box with interest rates until 9%.
  • blue Vine with required monthly revenue of $10,000
  • OnDeck with an annual interest rate of 14% while the required time of business is twelve months at least.
  • Street sheets with an interest rate of 9% and twelve months’ requirement of the business.


Business ideas always require implementation plans to become successful. Among the other implementation plans, the most important is finances. Finances arranged by a business owner are not always enough at the beginning of the business. There are surprise expenses and financial business opportunities along with the pre-planned expenses. The first type of expenses mentioned earlier, however, can be fulfilled through debts, bank loans and lines of credit. The business line of credit is more useful, attractive and beneficial because of the plus points mentioned above. The positive points include easy withdraw of cash, no approval for each withdrawal, low-interest rates, easy access, and re-borrow features, etc. Moreover, the websites offering the best line of credit include FAST CAPITAL 360 which is rated best.

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