Why You Should Get a Portable Charger Before Traveling This Year


If your New Year’s resolution in 2018 is to become a digital nomad, then you need a portable wireless battery charger.  The necessity of a portable charger for traveling is obvious to everyone who tries to do work while traveling.  Even if you plan to avoid work during your travels, being able to charge your phone everywhere helps you stay in contact with the people at home.

No More Inconveniences Related to Electrical Outlets

The best travel charger is one that works everywhere.  With a wireless charger, you do not have to worry about whether the outlets are 110 volts or 220 volts.  The same charger will work in every country you visit.  Besides, trying to find an outlet for phone charging in an airport is a major hassle.  With a portable charger, you don’t have to ration your phone time during a long layover.

Take Backpacking into the Next Century

Backpacking in the 90s was an adventure.  You could send paper postcards to your friends, and you would occasionally find an Internet café.  Today, social media is an important part of the backpacking experience.  With a charger backpack, you can post updates during the train ride from one country to another.  You will not have to wait until you get to the next city to find out your friends’ latest news.

A charger backpack is not just great for traveling.  You can also use it for commuting to school or work.  If the weather gets too rainy or snowy during your bike ride, you can stop indoors and call for a ride.  It will not matter how recently you have charged your phone.

Whether you are traveling internationally or just down the street, a charger backpack is a big help.