3 Unorthodox Ways to Have a Fabulous Family Vacation

The family vacation has been done to death. Both in real life and on the big screen, the perils and travails of the “typical” family holiday have been explored to the point of tedium. Indeed, it only takes one such blase trip with your partner and children to turn you off the prospect of traveling entirely. This is unfortunate because, ideally, everyone should cherish new experiences and visiting exotic locales. Fortunately, we’re here to help families in need of some fresh vacation ideas. Here are three outside-of-the box ways to ensure your next family vacation is a memorable one –– for all the right reasons!

Don’t Travel During Summer

We get it; it’s easy to travel with kids during the summer because school’s out. However, traveling during summer –– especially long road trips –– will likely expose you and your kids to some truly blistering heat. And untold family vacations have been wasted at hotel swimming pools because it’s “too hot to do anything else.” If at all possible, try to schedule your next getaway during another time your children are free from school, such as spring break or during the Holiday season. Not only will this open up new possibilities for your family to explore, but it’s also quite the economically sound travel decision.

Avoid Car Travel

Road trips are overrated. In addition to taking up huge chunks of your vacation time, spending hours on end –– with anyone –– is bound to leave some nerves frayed. With that in mind, do everything in your power to get out of your station wagon. Buy plane tickets, go on a cruise –– do anything other than sit in your own car for the majority of your trip. Plus, if you really want to kick things up a notch, consider calling a company like All About You Limos and renting a party bus to explore a new city. Why travel at all if not in style?

Lose the Big Attraction

Far too often, trips are boiled down to one single attraction or destination. “We drove to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.” Or, “We flew to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.” Sure these tourist sites are popular for a reason, but if you really want to get the most from your next holiday, think about going beyond the norm. As exciting as national monuments and historical attractions are, there’s nothing quite like discovering hidden gems that only locals know about. Remember: keep an open mind and be willing to immerse yourself in a new location and culture. If you do, your next vacation will be a smash hit for the whole family!