Owing a Timeshare Opens a World of Travel Opportunities

If you have dreamed of having a perfect vacation in a luxury resort with all the top features and amenities, but think it is out of your budget, think again. Owing a Westgate timeshare means you have a home away from home in a top resort for a fraction of what you may ordinarily expect to pay.

Timeshares offer the benefit of owning a vacation home along with the amenities of a luxury hotel. You buy a share of the resort and have the right to spend a week or two there every year. For those who want a guaranteed annual vacation in their favorite resort, owning a timeshare is much more cost-effective than renting a hotel room, especially in a luxury resort. With the money you’ll save with a time share, you may want to add other aspects of luxury travel to your vacations by researching about how much does a private jet cost to charter, or using limosine transfers to continue with the luxury theme.

Vacation ownership means you can select from a variety of floor plans to have a private home that suits your needs. You may want a romantic weekend getaway or a golfing vacation and only require a studio apartment, or you may want a full family vacation with two or three bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, complimentary Wi-Fi, separate living and dining areas, furnished patios or decks, gorgeous interior décor and entertainment systems throughout.

Since your timeshare is in a luxury resort, you also have access to all the resort’s amenities. These may include indoor and outdoor pools, fitness rooms, spas, barbecue areas and sports courts including nearby championship golf courses. Many resorts offer concierge service for planning tours of the locality and acquiring theme-park tickets as well as providing planned activities for children.

You will have the flexibility to choose when and where you want to travel because timeshares can be traded for a comparable unit in another destination. For example, owning an Orlando timeshare is extremely desirable because Orlando is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. You may not have any trouble trading it for a timeshare in Whistler, BC, Mexico or Europe.

Timeshares offer you the privacy and convenience of a vacation home without the expense. When you have a vacation home, you may use if for a few weeks every year, but you still have to pay for it just like your original home. With a timeshare, you only pay for the time you use it because the cost is shared with others throughout the year.

You get all the advantages of a private vacation home along with the amenities of the luxury resort without the worry of upkeep and maintenance. With an annual maintenance fee, you never need to worry about cleaning, tax, insurance or utility charges. You always have onsite management which is not the case for vacation homes and condominiums that sit vacant most of the year.

Once you enter the world of timeshare ownership, you enter the world of travel. Many Westgate resorts have multiple locations you just need to choose your next destination. If you do not choose to travel, you have a guaranteed luxury vacation at your Orlando timeshare.

Timeshares are cheaper for a full family vacation than hotel rooms. Even in a budget hotel, you may need two rooms and you will not have the facility of a fully stocked kitchen which can cut your vacation budget even more because you can cook your own meals. On the days you do not feel like cooking, most resorts have excellent restaurants on-site or nearby.

Finally, timeshares may be a good investment in your future because you gain equity while vacationing. They can be bequeathed to a family member to be kept it in the family for another generation.

Whether you have a favorite vacation destination every year, or want to travel the world for an affordable price, owning a timeshare may be your best option. You will stay in luxury resorts and enjoy all they have to offer guests without paying a small fortune.

Emily Kil is a professional blogger that writes about small business, family, and digital marketing.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and two dogs.