Ways to Support Your Remote Workers

Whether you’ve been managing a remote team for years or you recently switched to a virtual workforce amid the pandemic, keeping your employees happy is a must. If not for their talents and expertise, accomplishing company goals would be a lot more challenging. Though they work for a salary and benefits, going above and beyond lets them know that you appreciate their dedication and loyalty. 

From improved morale to increased productivity, the advantages of showing gratitude to your remote teams goes a long way. Continue reading for a list of practical and affordable ways to get this done. 

Flexible Hours

Though remote positions allow employees to work from home, creating a balance between their personal and professional lives is challenging. Flexible hours would enable them to choose a time of day where they can be most productive. You can create varying shifts or offer your team the option to set their own hours each week.  Not only does this show that you understand their need for balance, but offering flexible hours also won’t add to your operational expenses. 

Adequate Tools

The harder it is for an employee to complete their job, the more stressful the workplace becomes. As a stressed-out employee will produce lower quality results, it is ideal for employers to provide the right tools to make tasks more manageable. Talk with your remote teams to find out what types of resources they need to perform their best. Whether it’s providing them with better hardware, better software, or management platforms like https://www.qualtrics.com/employee-experience/360-degree-feedback/ – tools that can help them make better use of time and boost their productivity is a win-win for everyone. 

Small Gifts

Small and affordable gifts are an effective way to show support and appreciation to your employees. It sends the message that you think of them as more than a worker. You can send chocolate gifts like an assortment of gourmet treats with a card for their birthday. Flowers are ideal when an employee is sick or lost a loved one. Gift cards are a great way to award your best performers. Food baskets and free turkeys or hams are also ideal for the holidays. You can often find great deals on bulk orders that can be shipped directly to your employees. 

One-on-One Meetings

Group meetings are ideal for providing updates, developing strategies, addressing needs, and cultivating stronger teams. However, if you’re going to be an effective leader, you must dig deeper to produce an authentic relationship with each employee. One-on-one meetings create a space for you to get to know your employees personally and professionally. Try scheduling regular meetings to discuss concerns, evaluate career goals and personal interests. You can use this information to improve their experience in the workplace. 

Public Acknowledgement

Acknowledging your appreciation to your remote workers to the public is an efficient way to boost morale. It lets others know that you’re proud of your team, which can garner new high-quality candidates and loyal customers. You can create an employee of the month program to acknowledge good performance with a post on your company website, a certificate, or a plague. 

Another way to publicly show appreciation for your team is to post it on your social media page. You can create a general post where you acknowledge the entire team or give individual employees the spotlight periodically. Your virtual shoutout, along with the many praises they’ll receive from your followers, is more than enough to make them feel good. 

Without your team, your business would not be where it is today. Beyond paying employees decent salaries and offering competitive benefits, you should go the extra mile to show how much you care. As showing your appreciation for a remote team is slightly different from in-house staff, the ideas listed above provide an effective solution. When your team feels valued and appreciated, they’re more inclined to perform their best – which is the ingredient to a successful business.